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My biggest hobby is travelling all over the world. A great part of my page will show you photos of my journeys. You will find pictures from Munich, Prague, Poland, Hong Kong, Italy, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. The pictures are accompanied by useful informations and facts about the countries.

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We made a huge roundtrip through South Africa in 2009.
The first part is now online.

I had some free time for working on my 2008 China trip. New pictures of Guilin
and Shanghai are published. Enjoy!

New pictures of my China trip are online. Check it out under Pingyao and Xi'an.

The first pictures of my China trip in September 2008 are online and can be
found under the Great Wall of China section. Enjoy it!

There a new pictures of our 2006 trip through the Baltics unter Narva, Saaremaa
and Jurmala. The Thailand part of my page was also extended with pictures of
Koh Tao and some surrounding islands.